With the Church throughout the centuries, we at Trinity Reformed Church view worship as the chief work of God’s people. In the first instance, though, worship is not our service to God but the Lord’s service to us. We assemble here because we believe He will do what He has promised.

What has He promised to do in our worship? He calls us together promising to cleanse us from our sins, speak to us in His word, hear our prayers and praises, feed us at His table, and send us out into the world under His blessing.

We trust that God is in fact renewing covenant with us so that we may live each day in communion with Him and with one another. Because we trust His promises, we come together expectantly looking to our Triune God to work on and in us that we might work for Him.



Please join us for our Lord’s Day worship service at 8:30 am or 10:45 am.

101 Palouse River Dr., Moscow, ID


Trinity Reformed Church began as a mission church of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho in the fall of 2003. It became a full member church of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) at the CREC Presbytery meeting in the fall of 2005.

Building Fund

We are very blessed to have our current building. If you are interested in donating funds towards the ongoing remodel projects, please contact the church office.